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Case Studies

How a technology company managed to search for candidates in times of change.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies in the US, and in the rest of the world, to pivot their e-commerce strategies and increase their efforts in the IT field in order to respond to the market’s new needs and conditions.

Additionally, an extensive issue among numerous organizations has arisen regarding the retention of top tech talent, this due to the growing need for IT professionals alongside a shrinking labor pool and a high turnover within the IT industry.

In order to provide specialized IT candidates for one of their customers who had an e-commerce project at the time, a technology consulting company joined forces with Ensitech to source, recruit and onboard a Full Stack JavaScript developer from Mexico.

With a previous record of successful collaborations between the two companies, they saw Ensitech as a trusted partner to lead this project.

The Process

Recruiting IT specialists comes with an additional challenge due to a shortage of talent and a high turnover. To overcome this challenge, Ensitech established a recruitment process aligned to the values, needs and objectives of the client.

A standard recruitment approach would not have made it possible to hire the right talent in a timely manner. As a result, Ensitech adapted their processes and methodologies, ensuring the commitment of the new staff from day one, immersing them in the organizational culture and getting them ready to contribute to the expected level as soon as possible.

100% Effective Recruitment

The key success of this staffing project was due, in large part, to the collaboration between the two companies from the get-go. This joint participation managed to meet the client’s expectations thanks to:

  • Hiring qualified candidates
  • Creating a personalized selection process
  • Onboarding monitoring to ensure talent engagement and participation
  • The implementation of KPIs and SMART Goals

The original plan was to hire a Full Stack JavaScript developer but thanks to the quality of Ensitech’s recruitment process, the client decided to expand the team and hire 4 additional Full-stack JavaScript developers (MEAN stack: Mongo, Express, Angular, Node.js).

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