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Generating a sales forecast updated in real time, through information integrated into HubSpot

About Herramental Monterrey

Herramental Monterrey, a Grupo Forem company, has specialized in the distribution of products, equipment, machinery and services for manufacturing companies in the transformation industry for more than 50 years.

Today, they sell more than 20,000 products from leading brands and offer technical assistance, training, after-sales service, installation and maintenance of machinery, among others.

Challenge: Integrating information

As part of its internal sales process, the staff of Herramental Monterrey’s business development area prepares a projection and forecast report which combines different variables (amounts, closing dates, projects under evaluation, among others) and allows them to have an estimate of the closing sales per month enabling them to make strategic decisions.

However, successfully keeping this report updated represented a challenge for the sales team since the information was scattered with one part in the HubSpot CRM and another part in their database. In order to create the report, the sales data stored in HubSpot was manually copied and pasted into spreadsheets and then integrated into the report. The process was drawn-out and took days to complete making it impossible to have a report that could be viewed in real time.

Collaboration with Ensitech

“Since we didn’t have all the information integrated in our database, we asked Ensitech to build us a solution to extract the information from HubSpot CRM and download it to some tables in our SQL server. […] The part that we were missing, that we actually were not aware of at the time, was how to extract that data from HubSpot. We have now learned how to do this and our experience with Ensitech has helped us a lot.” Commented Thulio Torvisco, Systems Manager of Herramental Monterrey.

Ensitech carried out an analysis of the requirements, generated a work plan, a solution design and, through resilient and robust API integration processes, there is now integrated information between HubSpot CRM and the internal systems that consume the database of Herramental Monterrey.

“It was a really complete process. The team at Ensitech are very professional. They took us by the hand. Here [at Herramental Monterrey], we also develop software and internal systems, but this was very thorough. From the requirements survey, to the meetings to review the aspects that we wanted to have included, to meetings as well as technical meetings.” Thulio Torvisco emphasized.


This process has allowed Herramental Monterrey to keep its sales information concentrated all in one place and to be able to access it in real time through a dashboard created in Power BI. The report is updated automatically and is shared with regional sales managers in each zone and with the directors of the company, who now have instant, reliable information about sales forecasts for each month.

“Since the report was done manually, after this integration it was no longer necessary to go through this whole process of exporting the information to Excel and then uploading it to the report, […] we have become much more efficient.” Thulio added.

Once again, I recommend Ensitech. They are very professional. The truth is that whenever I ask them for something, they help me. We are very satisfied with how they have helped us because it has not only been in [software] development, but also with the support and maintenance of AWS infrastructure and in other Android application development. They have been very professional in monitoring and meeting development dates.

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