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Case Study

Closing skills gap for an eCommerce project

About SoluOne

SoluOne is a company dedicated to the development of add-ons for the SAP Business One system. The company has more than 11 years of experience and a presence in 14 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, among others.

How to start an urgent project amid a pandemic

Due to the situation arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, SoluOne found it necessary to accelerate an e-commerce project that the company had been postponing.

Although the company has a development team, their approach was very different, and for this specific project they required a front-end programmer with experience in the development of platforms for e-commerce.

To do this, SoluOne enlisted Ensitech’s help. The initial challenge consisted in assigning a senior front-end developer with experience in handling technologies such as Umbraco CMS, Angular, C#, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

“The main need arose from the lack of knowledge in the development of an online store. I, like SoluOne, did not have the in-house knowledge of having carried out e-commerce platform projects. That’s when we contacted Ensitech, who already have the knowledge and experience with handling this type of project”, Raul Zapata, SoluOne’s Commercial Director, pointed out.

Closing a skills gap

The purpose of this assignment was to close a gap in IT skills that were necessary for being able to meet the objectives that SoluOne had set out for itself and, that at that time, did not have the human resources to achieve it.

It was necessary to find a candidate immediately and to start the onboarding process as soon as possible. Finally, a talent was assigned that met all the requirements and had vast experience and knowledge in Umbraco CMS.

Finally, one of the objectives was achieved, which was to be able to transmit the knowledge or ‘’know-how’’ to the SoluOne development team.

“We achieved a knowledge transition so that we can continue with our online store project for the product we already have. The tangible benefit is the ‘’know-how’’ we already have [at SoluOne] to continue advancing on our own. That is the main value and that was always the expected deliverable.”, Raul Zapata commented.


“I would say, to companies that do not yet know Ensitech, to delegate the development and engineering of software processes because Ensitech has really capable, highly-trained personnel, who have an extensive track record which is not easy to find. If we, who specialize in software development, turn to Ensitech for the knowledge they have – all the more so, being a company that is not specialized in the area and that has a need for development – then, of course it would be more advisable and it would make more sense to turn to Ensitech while giving them the opportunity to solve this part of the business and for them to devote themselves to doing their thing. “

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